Coin Ring: British Pre-Decimal Penny - by Bike & Boat

Coin Ring: British Pre-Decimal Penny

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With this pre-decimal penny coin ring, you’ll have history at your fingertips. Each ring is lovingly handcrafted and unique from the next, offering you a statement piece with a story to tell. The rich colour will appeal to the magpie in you. The pleasing textures will give you something to fiddle with when you’re lost in thought. The past will come to life with every wear, as old and new meet in one remarkable trinket.

Aside from having bags of charm and character, upcycled jewellery made from salvaged materials is oh-so-ethical. With this coin ring, you will not only show off your eclectic sense of style but also your eco-credentials. Quirky and committed to reducing waste, that’s you. So what about the ring’s design? You’ll think it’s a stunner - we’d put money on it.

The coin’s bronze tones are a beautiful backdrop for the embossed details. Minute but perfectly-formed beading and lettering – so often overlooked on the change in your pocket – become standout features on a coin ring. You’ll while away your time admiring the design up close. Friends will ooh and aah and ask, “where’d you get that then?”. This ring is an instant conversation starter too, so you’d better brush up on your numismatic trivia.

Unconventional in design and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this is a piece you’ll treasure for years to come. As the saying goes: see a penny, pick it up. Well, we say, see a penny coin ring, put it on! Or gift it to a loved one to pay the good luck forward!

This coin ring is available in sizes L-Z. It’s definitely worth measuring your digit to ensure a perfect fit. Otherwise, you risk losing your ring down a grid or the sofa cushions, as you did with that tenner that time.


Getting the right size is important so we've put a handy guide for you at the very top of our FAQ page


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