BEE KIND Copper Keyring
BEE KIND Copper Keyring
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BEE KIND Copper Keyring

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This keyring is made from a piece of 10mm copper pipe. It's is stamped with a bee and the word KIND. 

It is attached to a steel ring to allow keys to be attached. It's is 60mm long (without the ring) and 15mm wide. 


We live, work and cruise year-round on our 60ft narrowboat Bluebell. Aboard we have Richard and Jackie and the hatchlings Bobby and Fleur along with the ships cat Whisper and Dusty the Romanian rescue pup. All of Rich’s pieces are made under a specially built canopy outside on Bluebell’s stern deck and Jackie makes hers inside in the front cabin.

We are a Home Ed family and use travel as a way to learn, so your piece could be made anywhere on the inland waterways of the UK as we adventure them as a family - making new friends and connections as we go. 


Each and every order allows our family adventure to continue and as a small family business, each one is celebrated and received with a ton of gratitude as it supports not only our crafts but also our way of life. 


Handmade is something that most of us understand and appreciate. We live in a time now where most things can be made identical and at the touch of a button - cold, sterile and without a story. More and more people now ‘get it’ when it comes to things that are brought to life by the creator’s own hands. 

Making a piece with simple and much-loved handtools, in a place that is stunningly beautiful whilst being surrounded by the sights, sounds and connections with nature makes and piece with real meaning - a story, a signature left by the tools -  a piece that may be similar to others, but unique the story of its creation. 


When your piece is ready we stick the kettle on, sit down and write you a handwritten thank you letter and lovingly package your piece in recycled newspaper (usually the canal newspaper - something interesting for you to read whilst you enjoy your piece) and then wrap it in brown parcel paper and seal it with paper tape - no plastic! We then pop off on our pushbike to the nearest Post Office to where we are moored and post it to you First Class. All packaging and postage are free of charge. 

Each order is placed onto our makes list and is made in the order they are received. It usually takes a few days to a week to make and dispatch a piece, depending on the amount of work that goes into it. In busy times and times where we need to source something for your order, this can take up to two weeks, but never longer than that. 

Thank you so very much for your order and your support 🙏

Much love, 

Rich, Jackie, Bobby, Fleur, Whisper (Ships Cat) and Dusty-Dog x ✌️🐾